Our Sustainability

Since our founding, we have been committed to our basic philosophy of maximizing opportunities in life and seeks harmony and sustainable development with society by providing a platform to connect to the world through the Internet.
Recently, we have begun to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG into our management and work with all stakeholders to achieve them.

SDGs poster

Inquiries about CSR and SDGs-related interviews and requests for partnerships

Our Materiality

Materiality diagram
  • 4 Quality education
  • 5 Gender equality
  • 7 Affordable and clean energy
  • 8 Decent work and economic growth
  • 11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • 15 Life on land
  • 17 Partnerships for the goals
Our Materiality Specific Initiatives

❶ Update society and industry with DX

・Promote DX in small- and medium-sized businesses

8 9
❷ Foster SDGs engagement through our own media

・Promote ZIGExN's SDGs (hold SDGs Awards, etc.)

❸ Meaningful work environments

・Select next-generation candidates for positions of responsibility, plan, development

・Enhance training content for employees

・Conduct surveys to visualize engagement

❹ Local community creation

・Create jobs for the Oita office

・Develop IT, global human resources

8 11
❺ Equality of employment opportunity

・Collaborate with universities and educational institutions and promote occupational training in such ways as president's speeches

❻ Empowerment of diverse human resources

・Advance women's opportunities, raise the rate of women managers

5 8
❼ Environmentally conscious business activities

・Disclose CO2 emissions

・Collect PET bottles adn caps, ban paper cups, reduce photocopy paper used and raise the rate of electronic contracts introduced

7 12 13
❽ Stronger governance, ensuring transparency

・Strengthen governance, strive to raise corporate value on the New Prime market


Identification of materiality

The ZIGExN Group attaches importance to collaborative value creation with stakeholders as the foundation that supports sustainable growth. In April 2021, we established the Sustainability Promotion Office to formulate the materiality (material issues) that the Company should prioritize. Through active engagement with shareholders, users, employees, business partners, local communities, and the various stakeholders beyond, we aim to achieve both continuous contributions to society and enhancement of corporate value by working on such materiality issues.

[Selection process of materiality]

1. Extraction of materiality candidate items

We extracted social challenges having high relevance with global perspectives, such as ESG/SDGs (the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals), and the business activities and culture of the Company.

2. Grasping and organizing stakeholders’ expectations

Through dialogs with stakeholders, such as employees, shareholders, and investors, we have worked to grasp the “Expectations of the Company.” We organized the relationship between the information obtained from such dialogs and our business activities and prioritized the materiality candidate items extracted in 1.

3. Evaluation and identification of importance by the Company itself

From among the materiality candidates extracted and organized through a series of processes, we finally determined important issues that should be preferentially addressed for decision-making and approval as a result of discussions at the meetings held by management

[Operating Policy from now on]

Led by the Sustainability Promotion Office, we are going to promote specific initiatives in the eight ZIGExN’s Materiality initiatives that have been determined and strive to achieve our goals. In addition, through regular dialogs with stakeholders, we will review the materiality in line with the changes in social challenges at the time and the management strategies.

Our Activities

  • ■ Update the local community

    ZIGExN x Oita Office
    • 8 Decent work and economic growth
    • 11 Sustainable cities and communities

    ZIGExN x Oita Office

    We opened a new office in Oita Prefecture in the summer of 2021. We provide a wide range of work styles tailored to the life stage and job type of employees and support working out the solution to Oita Prefecture’s social issue of the declining employment rate in the prefecture of people in their 20s to 40s. We are also going to focus on cultivating IT human resources and collaborate with corporations in the city and educational institutions

  • Smocca x Hino City Project
    • 8 Decent work and economic growth
    • 11 Sustainable cities and communities

    Smocca x Hino City Project

    Smocca, a rental information service, has released "Hino City with Data," which collaborates with Hino City in Tokyo to transmit livability with data and information. We support the discovery of the hidden attractions of local governments and provide services that allow customers to move with greater peace of mind and consent.

  • Tsubomi Project
    • 1 No poverty
    • 3 Good health and well-being
    • 15 Life on land

    Tsubomi Project

    The Tsubomi Project was launched in 2019 by Rejob Co., Ltd., in the desire to provide value to society from aspects other than business. We rented three tan (about 3,000m2) of rice fields in Saitama Prefecture and have been planning and implementing rice planting and rice harvesting experiences and cooking events in cooperation with local people with the aim of creating a community that transcends generations with children and the elderly. We will actively work with the local community by donating the harvested rice to the children's cafeteria in Toshima Ward, where the REJOB’s head office is located, and aim for an affluent society where no one is left behind.

  • TCV Mask Support Project
    • 3 Good health and well-being

    TCV Mask Support Project

    The spread of COVID-19 has caused lifestyle changes around the world since 2020. TCV Corporation has implemented the TCV Mask Support Project to distribute TCV masks in the Republic of Zambia and the Republic of Kenya in East Africa, where its service bases are located. Through the Embassy of Japan in Zambia, masks are donated to elementary schools in the Central Province, the Republic of Zambia.

  • ■ Update the future of young people

    Sakura Project
    • 1 No poverty
    • 4 Quality education
    • 8 Decent work and economic growth
    • 17 Partnerships for the goals

    Sakura Project

    The Sakura Project, a CSV promotion launched by REJOB Co., Ltd., in 2015. Under the theme of "Connecting Japan and the World and Aiming for a Society Full of Spiritual Richness," we started a therapist training course for low-income people in developing countries, and we are engaged in the activities to increase the world's beauty and relaxation population. We have already produced more than 500 graduates, some of whom are playing an active role as top therapists in the Philippines. We are working to solve poverty and employment issues through the support of local people to get jobs and become financially independent, as well as to enrich the hearts of people around the world. We aim for such a society.

  • Lecture activities by a Representative of the Company
    • 4 Quality education

    Lecture activities by a Representative of the Company

    At Keio University from which our representative, Hirao, graduated, he has been a special invited professor at the SFC and has given many other lectures at Tokyo University of Science and other institutions. Through the G1 Venture, ICC Summit, and keynote speeches on the JPX Entrepreneurship Experience Program for junior and senior high school students, we are engaged in various activities with the aim of developing and producing as many as entrepreneurs and management human resources who can face social challenges by conveying the experience of our representative, Hirao.

  • REJOB Scholarship
    • 4 Quality education

    REJOB Scholarship

    In the hospitality industry involving REJOB Co., Ltd., an important initiative to support human resource development as the foundation of the REJOB SPA Concept, which provides a comprehensive support for human resource development ⇒ employment support ⇒ active participation support, is the REJOB Scholarship launched in 2017. We would like to liven up the future of the industry as a whole by providing benefit-type scholarships to support beauty school students who aspire to the industry.

  • AFRICA DREAM SOCCER TOUR supported by Car-Tana.com
    • 4 Quality education

    supported by Car-Tana.com

    With regard to Car-Tana.com (Car-tana), the predecessor of the used car export platform TCV, Soltilo Kenya Ltd., a subsidiary of Honda Estilo Co., Ltd., (the Republic of Kenya)(Africa Dream Soccer Tour supported by Car-Tana.com) signed a sponsorship agreement in November 2017 with the free school tour of soccer held in three African countries. Based on the philosophy of offering dreams and hopes around the world and keep moving people through soccer (sports/education), the Honda Estilo Group has been having soccer camps in 18 regions and 10 countries since 2009. Although the business is different, having sympathized with the project that brings us closer to realizing ZIGExN's philosophy that we want to make the society where more people can make their best decisions, we have reached the alliance.
    *Car-tana ended its service at the end of June 2020.

  • ■ Achieving "Well-do-being"

    ZIGExN has always placed particular emphasis on improving the employability of employees, that is, their "well-doing". What this means is that by providing employees with a healthy yet demanding training environment, each and every individual can hone their skills and we can proactively provide more opportunities for even further growth.

    Going forward, we will continue to add further growth as individual employees through "well-doing" and also strengthen our efforts to achieve "well-being" or a healthy state of body and mind.

    In recent years, it has become increasingly important for both conpanies and employees to ensure the career development and physical and mental health of each employee in light of changes in the employment market brough about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift from membership-based to job-based employment and the increased mobility of human resources through the promotion of second jobs.

    ZIGExN has created the new term of "well-do-being" to describe a combination of "well-doing" and "well-being" and implying something even stronger and seeks to strive even harder to achieve this.

  • doing figure
  • Traning Leaders and Individual Growth

    ZIGExN has been developing business for more than 10 years and the managers and people in positions of responsibility growing each of our businesses are the source of our competitive edge.
    We promote individual growth in such ways as through merit-based appointments, assigning higher-level tasks to encourage growth and providing open opportunities.
    We believe that maximizing growth opportunities for every individual will contribute to the further growth of ZIGExN as a whole and, ultimately, to the further enhancement of shareholder value.

    Traning for Management and Business Officers

    ● Holding Corporate Management Meetings
    These meetings are held once every two weeks and attended by management, including the president. The progress of each of the more than 10 businesses we run is closely monitored according to the plan devised by the person in a position of responsibility, who is given direct feedback. This achieves traning of people in positions of responsibility, who maximize ZIGExN's strengths, and enhances management capabilities by accelerating the PDCA cycle.

    ● Formulate Medium-Term Management Plans for Each Business
    Medium-term management plans are formulatated once every three years, in principle, and updated annually. The president confirms al medium-term management plans and provides direct feedback to operating officers, business officers, and leaders. Leader-level employees and management examine the medium-term business vision and share this, advancing the perspective of younger employees.

    ● Promotion of Young Employees
    We proactively promote young employees with potential to managerial positions, developing them by giving them roles and opportunities such as making them a manager in the third year after gradating, putting them in a position of responsibility for a business in their fifth year of employment or appoing new graduates as operating officers.

    Improving Employability

    ● President Conducts Management Training
    The president personally conducted management training in July 2021. It was an online course for Group company managements on the 10 items necessary to become a manager at ZIGExN. This was not only training, but also promoted the improved employability of managers remotely as the president was able to directly deliver a message to the Group managers from afar.

    ● Internal Awards System ZEUS
    Once every quarter we presented an award at the Companywide meeting to selectd employees who have performed the three achievements of grown sales, improved operations and raised corporate value. Recipients are presented their awards by their supevisors, receiving a ZEUS statue and cash prize, and the key points and expertise behind their success is delivered and shared through a Companywide online meeting.

    ● Quarterly Personnel Evaluations
    We hold quarterly personnel evaluations to increase the frequency of communication between supervisos and subordinates to adapt quickly to the business environment with many changes. Raising the speed of individual employees' PDCA cycle also accelerates growth speed.

  • ■ Promoting Communication and Diverse Working Styles

    Lunch party

    ZIGExN promotes "vertical, horizontal and diagonal communication" within the workplace and we have introduced numerous systems to support diverse and free work styles. These systems incorporate employees' opinions and are always being reviewed and updated to be appropriate for the times.

  • Promoting Communication

    ● Anniversary
    Our foudation commemoration day is an anniversary event celebrated Companyside. It becomes an opportunity for mixing, and to learn from directors or former employees talking about their experiences. After the 15th anniversary commemorated in May 2021, we conducted a 5-grade assessment of satisfaction about the event, with approximately 80% of participants giving it a score of at least 4/5.

    ● Shuffle Lunches
    We hold cross-divisional lunches for small groups once a quater. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lunches have been held online with shared themes such as "What will you do when the pandemic is over?" The lunches give employees a chance to get to know each other.

    ● Wakurabu
    In-house clubs authorized by the Company. We subsidize activities for the clubs, of which ther are more than 10, and promote vertical connections among them.

    ● In-house Currency GAT
    An in-house currency to express "ariGAT! (thank you)". Employees can send GAT to supervisors or colleagues every month. 1 GAT can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards worth ¥1,000.

    Promoting Diverse Working Styles

    ● Work from Home System
    We introduced a work from home system for such reason as to reduce commuting time, allowing employees to have more free time and to support health promotion through home cooking.

    ● Flextime System
    We have started a flextime system since October 2021. From the same time, the result of commitment is emphasized more against personnel evaluation system and, by combining the flextime and work from home systems, aim to create a system that enables a diversity of employees to autonomously choose a working style, which leads to get more results.

    ● P-Day
    A paid leave system that allows taking time off in 1-hour units. Up to a maximum of 24 hours can be taken annually for individuals' convenience to allow for such acts as childcare or to go to the hospital.

    ● Limited Full-Time Employee System
    We introduced this system for employees working shorter hours with time limitations and for full-time employees in regional areas with restriction on being transferred. We support work styles that match individuals' lifestyles.