Our Features

We have strived to solve social issues not only by launching new businesses on our own, but also by working with other companies. Especially since we were listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2013, we have conducted several M&A deals every year.

  • As one of our management strategies, we would select a target company based on asset values as the high priority.

  • We never force any integration of organizational cultures like a cultural conglomerate and we always respect the other organizational culture.

  • Management and business officers and directors will directly conduct and be involved in PMI after M&A under the responsibility.

Inquiries about M&A and alliances

We currently operate more than 40 media and services in the areas of recruitment, real estate (leasing, sales, renovation), automobiles, travels, and others. We are actively looking for broad opportunities for M&A and alliances, not limited to types and models related to the existing business.
Please feel free to contact us and it would be appreciated if we can discuss with you.

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