Analyst Coverage

This is a list of analysts of the securities companies and research agencies that provide opinions, forecasts, and recommendations related to the financial results of the Company
(as of June 2022; company names in the order of the 50-character Japanese kana syllabary; honorifics omitted).

Company name Analyst name
Hiroshi Naya
Tachibana Securities Co., Ltd. Takeshi Irisawa

*Based on the information obtained by the Company as of the time of this posting, this list contains such information that has been approved by the relevant person. Such being the case, please kindly note that there may be certain analysts not contained on this list, that the Company does not necessarily support or back up the analysts contained on the list, and that some information may not be the latest.
*This list comes with the intention of providing information about the analysts and their affiliated organizations that analyze the financial results of the Company and make forecasts for the sake of investors, and the list does not solicit or recommend that investors make purchases or sales of the shares of the Company.
*Analysts analyze, based on their independent judgment, the financial results, business, products, and technologies of the Company and make financial forecasts. The Company is by no means involved in any of such processes. In addition, the Company does not support or guarantee any forecast, opinion, or recommendation by any of the analysts.
*For actual investments, we sincerely hope that you make investment decisions based on your own judgment.