Handling of Personal Information

ZIGExN Corporation (the “Company”) specifies and publishes how to manage retained personal information as below.

Name, Address, Representative of the Company

Joe Hirao
The Representative Director, Operating Officer, and CEO
3-4-8, Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
ZIGExN Corporation

Responsible Person for Management of Personal Information

The Manager of Strategic Management
ZIGExN Corporation

The Definition of Personal Information

The Definition of “Personal Information”, “Personal Data”, and “Principal” in this Article shall follow those of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan (Act No.57 of 2003). Provided that, the Company may acquire and use Personal Information retained through the registration/reservation forms without completing the transactions and/or submission by following the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Purpose of Use Personal Information

  1. 1. Purspose of Use Personal Information about Users of Service which is managed and operated by the Company (the “Service”)

    (1) To verify User and provide necessary information and communications as required for providing the Service.

    (2) To analyze and collect information to provide beneficial information regarding the Service

    (3) To announce campaigns, events or information about services and/or products managed and operated by the Company and its business partners.

    (4) To provide and conduct events, campaigns, prize promotions, etc by the Company and its business partners.

    (5) To communicate, provide instructions, verify and manage User for any assistance

    (6) To investigate, aggregate and analyze for improvements of its sales activities and service development.

    (7) To optimize individual contents and advertisement displays for each User

    (8) Any other purpose of use with obtaining in advance a principal’s consent rather than above items

  2. 2. Purpose of User Personal Information about Job Applicants for the Company

    (1) Application, selection process, identification

    (2) Communication for recruitments such as adjusting interview schedule and notification of the result

    (3) Employment management after hiring

    (4) Any other purpose of use with obtaining in advance a principal’s consent rather than above items

  3. 3. Purpose of User Personal Information about Shareholders

    (1) To respond executions of shareholder’s right and/or to perform the Company’s obligations pursuant to related laws

    (2) To provide advantages and convenient for the position as shareholders.

    (3) To manage shareholders such as creating the list of shareholders data based on specified standards pursuant to related laws

    (4) Inquiries, response to requests, correspondence and management

    (5) Any other purpose of use with obtaining in advance a principal’s consent rather than above items

  4. 4. Purpose of User Personal Information about Business Partners and its Employees

    (1) Communication for a business meeting, business negotiations, requests, etc

    (2) For business execution and contract performance

    (3) Any other purpose of use with obtaining in advance a principal’s consent rather than above items

  5. 5. Purpose of User Personal Information about the Company’s Executives, Employees or its Family (including old information)

    (1) Human resource management, salary payment and any other labor controls

    (2) Employees welfare, and health and safety management

  6. 6. Purpose of User Personal Information received through Business Entrustments

    (1) To perform business entrustment and confirm its performance

    (2) To improve its performance of business entrustment

Third Party Provision

The Company will not provide any Personal Information to third party without obtaining in advance principal’s consent except below cases

  1. 1. Cases in accordance with related laws

  2. 2. Cases in which it is required to protect a human life, body or fortunes when it is difficult to obtain in advance principal’s consent

  3. 3. Cases in which it is especially required to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering health children and when it is difficult to obtain in advance principal’s consent

  4. 4. Cases in which it is required to corporate in regard to a central government organization or local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by related laws and when there is a possibility that obtaining a principal’s consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs

  5. 5. Personal information provided due to business succession such as merger or any other reasons

Management of Personal Information – Personal Data

The Company appoints a responsible person, establishes the rules of safety management of personal information and takes security control measures for protecting personal information. Security control measures shall be taken mainly as below.

  1. (1) Organizational Security Control Measures

    ・ To establish reporting system of incidents or any important issues by appointing responsible person for handling personal data

    ・ To take inventory of personal data, perform self-monitoring how to handle personal data and perform periodically the internal audit about handling personal data

  2. (2) Personnel Security Control Measures

    ・ To provide periodically a training about how to handle personal data for all employees

    ・ Submission of a written oath about protection of personal data by all employees

  3. (3) Physical Security Control Measures

    ・ To take theft prevention measures and encryption against instruments and digital media which are used for personal data

    ・ To establish and perform rules about entrance and exit controls and physical protection of instruments and machines

  4. (4) Technical Security Control Measures

    ・ To minimize employees to access personal data by the access control

    ・ To establish a system to protect information system of personal data from unauthorized access

Entrustment of Handling Personal Information and Personal Data

In case of entrustment a whole or part of handling retained personal information and/or personal data, the Company shall take necessary measures such as making non-disclosure agreement and supervise the trustee appropriately.

Help Desk regarding Personal Information such as disclosure of retained personal data or records of third party provision

The Company shall respond requests of notification about purpose of use, disclosure, amendment, adding or deleting a part of information, utilization cease, deletions, cease the third-party provision and disclosing records of the third-party provision from a Principal about retained personal data by the Company (scope of disclosing personal data: personal information from item 1 to item 5 in “Purpose of Use Personal Information”) without delay.
Provided that, One Thousand (1,000) Japanese Yen shall be required to pay by postal note in advance as the handling fee per request of disclosure of personal information, notification of purpose of use or disclosing records of the third-party provision.
For more details of those requests, please refer to “Download: Retained Personal Data (scope of disclosing personal information)” and submit required documents.

<Mailing Address>
Help Desk Regarding Personal Information
3-4-8, Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
ZIGExN Corporation

Obtaining, Using or Providing Personal Information such as cookies any other related information which could not identify a principal easily.

Once a principal accesses the Service, the Company could obtain and collect appropriately personal information such as what we call “Cookies”, information to identify a principal who accesses, and log data. When Cookies are used, it helps that website remember information about User’s visit and preference, which can both make it easier to visit the site again and make the site more useful to User. Cookies are generally available and used by many websites for the purpose of providing convenient functions to website visitors.
Advertisements of a third party may be displayed because the third party obtains Cookies of Users who visit the website managed and operated by the Company through the website or applications of the Service. Cookies which the third party obtained shall be handled pursuant to the Company’s Privacy Policy. Users who access the page for optout on websites of the third party, can stop the third party to display advertisements by using Cookies.
The Company use advertisement deliveries (behavioral targeting) provided by third parties including Google LLC. Therefore, the Company’s advertisement may be delivered on various websites. Those third parties shall place advertisements based on access information to the Services which is collected through Cookies and terminal identification. For the purpose of delivering more related advertisement to Users, the Company could provide a part of retained User’s personal information which is converted into the data of unspecified principal. The Company analyzes those access information by Google Analytics or similar tools and collects both of standard data of some analysis tools and traffic data by advertising Cookies and anonymous ID. A third party shall not use those information rather than above purposes. Please refer to websites of each third party for further details about their advertising policy.

Last updated: September 12, 2022.