ZIGExN”s Real Estate Leasing Information Service “Chintai SMOCCA” Collaborates with Hino City Launch of “SMOCCA x Hino City”: Hino City Data is now available

Press Release May 27, 2021

To support the discovery of hidden charms of local governments, and to provide a service that allows customers to move with even greater peace of mind and satisfaction.

 ZIGExN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Operating Officer and CEO: Joe Hirao, Securities code: 3679; 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; hereinafter referred to as “ZIGExN”) announced today that ZIGExN’s rental apartment information service “Chintai SMOCCA” (hereinafter referred to as “SMOCCA“) has collaborated with Hino City, Tokyo and launched SMOCCA’s original promotion site, “SMOCCA x Hino City: Data in Hino City

SMOCCA is a real estate leasing information service that launched in 2010 and handles over 3 million rental properties nationwide. This service aggregates and delivers property information that has been posted on numerous real estate rental information services. Customers looking for a rental property can use “SMOCCA” to search for and apply for a property that meets their needs from property information posted on various rental information services.
Now, based on the results of more than 25,000 questionnaires answered by customers who have moved through “SMOCCA”, we have started a project to select and introduce “livable cities” from the unique perspective of “SMOCCA”. As the first step, we picked up Hino City in Tokyo and launched “Hino City in Data (SMOCCA x Hino City)” on April 1.
As a countermeasure to the spread of the new coronavirus since last year, more and more companies are introducing remote work from home, making living in the suburbs even more accessible. According to a “Survey on the Detached Housing Market in 2020” released by the Yano Research Institute in December 2020, “While there is still a need for convenience, such as easy access to workplaces and the city center, there is also an increasing need for detached housing in the suburbs for space and comfort due to longer home working hours caused by the spread of remote work. In particular, housebuilders’ ready-built houses are becoming more affordable, leading to an increase in sales.
In light of these market trends, such as the growing need for “suburbs and spacious houses,” SMOCCA has been focusing on Hino City since last year. We have decided to pick up this topic this time.

Hino City is a bedroom community located in the “middle of Tokyo”. Approximately 190,000 people (*as of March 2021) live in the city, which is also famous as the hometown of the “Shinsengumi. Even though it is a suburb, commuting to Shinjuku takes only about 30 minutes by JR and private railways, and the monorail also runs through the area, making it very convenient for transportation. In addition, the area still retains its rich nature from the past, allowing families to enjoy a rich life together. With the cooperation of Hino City, we have compiled content on the living environment and lifestyle information in Hino City in order to convey as much as possible the charm of the city, which is more and more fascinating the more you learn about it. If you are considering securing a work space due to the prolonged corona disaster, or if you are considering moving to a new city to secure a child’s room after the birth of your child, we recommend to refer the information.

In the future, “SMOCCA” will continue to accept applications from local governments that wish to promote their hidden charms. Please feel free to contact us if you have a local government that is promoting initiatives that you would like to let people outside of your community know about, such as your support for childcare and education, your measures against the new coronavirus, or your efforts to adapt to new lifestyles.
For inquiries, please contact: pr@zigexn.co.jp 

Content Overview
[Service Name] Hino City in Data “SMOCCA x Hino City
[URL] https://smocca.jp/life/tokyo/hino 
(1) View Hino City through property information
(2) View Hino City by customer review
(3)Introduction of living support and education support system
Hino City’s website: https://www.city.hino.lg.jp/5makoto/sumu/index.html 

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SMOCCA” is one of the largest real estate leasing search sites in Japan, with property information from Hokkaido to Okinawa updated daily. For those who move into a room that they have inquired about on the site, we are running a campaign where we will give them a “move-in kickbacks” of one month’s rent (up to 50,000 yen).
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