A service format for distributing web-based media content from multiple sources to a large audience.


Description of a problem-solving procedure using a programming language.CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost. The cost of acquiring a single customer (acquisition cost).

Culture conglomerate

A conglomerate group of companies that have integrated businesses in different industries unrelated to one another. It is the Company’s unique approach to also apply this idea to organizational culture.


At the Company, job listings and real estate information provided by media clients.


Digital Transformation. The transformation of products and business models by companies into a form that utilizes data and digital technologies in response to the digitalization of the external environment.


Due Diligence. To investigate the business environment and business content of partner companies when conducting M & A. Investigations are conducted not only from a business perspective but also from a variety of perspectives, including legal, financial, tax, and IT.


Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. Earnings calculated by adding interest paid and depreciation expense to income before income taxes.


Enterprise Value. Present value of a company after deducting its future free cash flow.Calculated by adding the stock value to net interest-bearing debt.


Concept that integrates Environment, Social, and Governance.


Key Performance Indicator. Key quantitative indicators that measure relative achievement of the goals of an organization, business, or business process.


Lifetime Value. The lifetime value of a customer calculated based on the average duration of the customer relationship.


Represent average profitability per customer. Generally, LTV exceeding three times CAC is judged to be a good condition.

Matching Technology

The technique of combining different kinds of data.


Product Market Fit. How well a company’s product or service fits a given market.


Post Merger Integration. The integration process after a corporate merger or acquisition.


Serviceable Available Market. The market size that the business can acquire.


Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in September 2015.They consist of 17 goals (categories) and 169 targets (specific issues) to solve environmental and social problems.


Search Engine Optimization. Web pages are adjusted to make them show up at the top of search results in specified search engines.


Small and Medium Business.

Tail risk

An unexpected risk that although the possibility of it occurring is low, would have a large impact should it occur.


Total Addressable Market, or Total Available Market. The maximum size of the market that the business can acquire.


User InterfaceA computer or smartphone screen that is displayed when a user accesses or obtains information.


User Experience. What users actually experience when using products and services.

Z CORE 100

Name of the Company’s second Medium-Term Management Plan.


Portfolio management that includes the Company’s unique perspective and that defines segmentation and a strategy direction for each segment.


ZIGExN Value Integration. The original management method of our company that utilize our strength.